Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ghost stories


Last night I climbed into bed with Kyle as he asked me to snuggle with him. Over the last four days, I have had to devote so much time to Jake being sick and Corbin being very needy on top of very little sleep, poor Kyle has not gotten much of me. Anyway, it was so super cool spending quiet time with him. We just layed in his bunk bed talking, soemthing that we don't get to do in this way often because of his high energy and the craziness of life.

One thing that we talked about was that a ghost would come and take him away. I asked where the ghost would take him. Kyle said it would take him down the heat vent. I asked how Kyle would fit downt he heat vent. Kyle said he couldn't fit, but he was worried about getting scraped on the screws taht stick out into the heat duct (which has happened to him when he has stuck his arm in there to investigate). I asked where the ghost would take him if he could fit throught the vent. He said down to the fan of the heater. Then I said, "so he could feed you candy and soda pop until you got a belly ache?" he and I both laughed over that one. I was in no way trying to make light of his fear, but to talk him through what his fear was and hopefully give him a positive spin on how to think about it. Kyle then reminded me of the time last summer that he found a hot candy onthe counter top and ate it without asking. That night he got a severe belly ache and high fever, that landed him in the hospital. Now we laugh about it!

Good news, my in-laws are lttting us borrow their digital camera so I can get some more pictures of the boys on here. They grow up so fast! Thanks Ben and Sandy!! Love you!

Well, off to play with my boys and enjoy the lovely weather!

Love to all,
Lisa :)

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Kristin said...

Too cool about the digital camera! My mom is also giving me hers to use for awhile, so soon we will be some photo posting blogging fools! :)