Monday, August 15, 2005

Corn on the cob

Here is Jake (with too much flash) from dinner last night.

Here is Corbin, loving the corn on the cob!! I tried taking Kyle's picture, but he was very tired and didn't want it taken.

Sweater I crocheted

This is a sweater I crocheted for a gift for our neighbors/friends. They just had their first baby, a little girl after a very tough pregnancy and birth. All are doing well now. I just wanted a picture of this cute sweater.

Congratulations to Michelle and Ephraim on baby Isabella!!! I don't have pictures of her as I didnt' want to take our camera and start snapping on my first visit when she is less than a week old!! I'll tell you though, she is adorable!!


Here he is, the big man himself on his first day of Kindergarten!!!! He's got his backpack on and ready to go in the new shirt he picked out the other day.

He did great and came home with a card that said he had a good day and he liked the legos. He also received a stamp on his hand for good behavior! After 10 stamps, he gets a prize. I'm so glad he had a good first day!!

I could tell over the lsat several days when we would talkabout school that he was getting a little apprehensive about it. I talked to him this mornign about how we can have a range of feelings for something new. We can be excited, scared, worried, etc. All of those feelings ar normal and okay to have. I told him that if he got scared at class to take a deep breath and remembet that God is always with him and that Mommy and Daddy love him no matter what. Also that he could always ask his teacher for help and that we can talk about what ever goes on when he comes home from school.

When he was telling me about his day, he said he got scared becasue there were so many kids (27-full class). He then said that when he got scared he just thought of me and he was okay!!! Oh melt my heart!!!

It was soooo difficult to drop him off jsut becasue my little man is growing up, I am so proud of him and happy for him and this is a big change. I cried after becasue I didnt' want to scare h im. Jake asked me if I ws sad when we got home. I told him, that yes, I was a little sad because this is a big change to be without KYle but that I was so proud of how he is growing up and happy for him to have this experience. Jake then said that he would pray for me so that I didnt' have to feel sad!!! Oh my little man taking care of me!!!

We then went' to the mall to celebrate Kyle's successful first day by getting a pretzle and eating it by the water fountain. (This is what Jake and Kyle wanted to do)We then threw in pennies and got huge gumballs.

Love to you all,
Lisa :)

Hug your children tight

This is heavy on my heart and I feel the need to share this with you. Yesterday, I opened an email that gave me the link to find where registered child offenders live. I had been avoiding this as I just don't want to believe they are near us, and would love to believe that they don't exist. I finally decided that the best way to protect my children from these horrible people would be to know about them. I opened the website and found 137 offenders within the 5 mile radius of our house, one of which is a neighbor right behind us. HOW SCARY! It makes me want to scoop my children up and move to a deserted island!! Please check out the website and be alert!

We then watched a two hour special of extreme home makeover. It was about a fmamily who lost one of their children to a kidnapping 10 years agao. the mom still looks for her child and other missing chidlren and holds out hope that her daughter will come home. Her daughter was 50 feet from her and within her sight when the kidnapping happend. I was really struggling after looking into the webiste and then watching that show. Please keep your children close! I know that people think I am nuts for not letting my kids play in the back yard unsupervised~ and I wish they lived in a world where that was safe to do, or that I need to have them in my sight at all times especially in public places. I also know that I can't protect them from every harm, as much as we would all like to do so. Hold your children tight, pray for them, live in the moment with them, enjoy them!!!

God's light shine upon you,
Lisa :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

What a day!! :)

Boy what a busy and emotional day today! This morning Ben and I took Kyle to meet his Kindergarten teacher and her assistant. SNIFF!! I couldn't believe how hard it was for me. Dont' get me wrong, I am very excited for him and think this will be great for all of us, but it is a passage of time. My little boy, in!! Everything went fine, the teacher said he did great (and was able to sit still!!). Only a few more days and it's here!!!

Off to the Children's Museum as a family, although Grandmother couldnt' go as she still isn't feeling quite right. Ben had to write a report on some art work and getting that done by viewing it at the CM was the way to go. The boys were all excited and revved up!!

When we got home, BigBen, Sandy and her sister AUnt Sharon came over to visit, help decorate, and share a meal with us. Sorry I forgot to take pictures as I was just enjoying the company!! Thanks for coming over, we love you!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the wonderful things life has to give us like we did!!

Lisa :)

Here Jake is trying on some clothes and then some wooden shoes being made there today by a shoemaker.

Here Corbin is playing inthe mulch and the boys take a truck ride. Caretaking older brother is holding onto Corbin withouth being asked.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Day in the life of our family

This morning my Grandmother was spending quality time with the boys as I put groceries away (big help to me and they LOVED IT!). I am not sure that Grandmother had much room to move around but hey, they will have these memories forever.

Here Corbin joined in with the other boys and Grandmother in reading. I dont' know what he found so funny, but he looks great!! :)

At the dinner table tonight, Kyle was wearing his sunglasses on his head and he just looked so darn cute I had to get his picture. He even gave me a "normal" smile to top off his "cuteness"!!

This picture of Jake is actually from the other day but it was a cute smile so I threw it in!

Here is Corbin eating his apple and loving it! Please excuse the dinner on his tray!

Hope you enjoyed a memory making day too!!

Lisa :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Okay, I am so excited!! Corbin has been taking one and three steps since the first time I posted almost daily. Today he took five steps across the room and while I was out learning to cut hair, he took..............NINE!!! In a few days I bet he is fully walking!!! I can't believe my little guy is getting so good so fast!!! He is soooo cute! Little frankenstien steps!!! Oh how sweet these moments are, eat them up!!!
Bursting proud Mama!! :)

Toy shopping

Hello! Sorry it has been a while since I've been able to post. My grandmother is staying with us this week and next and so we have been extra busy. We moved our house around to be able to best accomodate everyone, and the bottom half of the house, our living room, playroom, is now dedicated to her room/bedroom. We moved one of the bed out of our room and now have the computer there, so not much time on the computer these days. Had to sneek on here tonight (two kids sleeping in here) to post about my dear Kyle.

When Nana visits, she used to come twice a year (now is wanting to move here permanantly) she took her greatgrandbabies toy shopping. They all look forward to it, even her. IT is fun to go shopping and watch the kids try out all the toys and decide what they want.

We went to Meijer this time because I also had to do some grocery shopping. So we walk into the store, pick a cart and Kyle comes up to me with this African Violet in his hand. Beautiful little plant. He tells me that this is what he wants. I ask him where he wants to put it and he tells me that he wants a plant in his room on his bunk bed. This is his special place, the only place int he house where things are just his. (he shares a room with his brothers) I thought this to be so cute, never would have thought of this, so of course had to get it for him (thanks Nana!). HE immediately wanted to put it in "it's" place when we arrived home and had to show me the care card to make sure we were taking care of it the proper way so it wouldn't die. He makes sure it gets its direct sunlight and has moist dirt. VERY CUTE!! And must say it is a pretty little plant!!

VIsit with Nana has been very nice. She has been helpful and more accepting. I thank the dear Lord for these sweet moments with my family!!

Off the computer to prepare for another day. My evening was spent with my sister in law, Christi taking a hair cutting class at my church. It was a fun time! Thanks Christi for giving me a ride and sharing the fun with me! We always have a good time together!!

Hugs all around! Hope you are living in the moment!

God's grace upon you,
Lisa :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ghost stories


Last night I climbed into bed with Kyle as he asked me to snuggle with him. Over the last four days, I have had to devote so much time to Jake being sick and Corbin being very needy on top of very little sleep, poor Kyle has not gotten much of me. Anyway, it was so super cool spending quiet time with him. We just layed in his bunk bed talking, soemthing that we don't get to do in this way often because of his high energy and the craziness of life.

One thing that we talked about was that a ghost would come and take him away. I asked where the ghost would take him. Kyle said it would take him down the heat vent. I asked how Kyle would fit downt he heat vent. Kyle said he couldn't fit, but he was worried about getting scraped on the screws taht stick out into the heat duct (which has happened to him when he has stuck his arm in there to investigate). I asked where the ghost would take him if he could fit throught the vent. He said down to the fan of the heater. Then I said, "so he could feed you candy and soda pop until you got a belly ache?" he and I both laughed over that one. I was in no way trying to make light of his fear, but to talk him through what his fear was and hopefully give him a positive spin on how to think about it. Kyle then reminded me of the time last summer that he found a hot candy onthe counter top and ate it without asking. That night he got a severe belly ache and high fever, that landed him in the hospital. Now we laugh about it!

Good news, my in-laws are lttting us borrow their digital camera so I can get some more pictures of the boys on here. They grow up so fast! Thanks Ben and Sandy!! Love you!

Well, off to play with my boys and enjoy the lovely weather!

Love to all,
Lisa :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sick kids

Ahhh, we are having a heat wave, at the end of July, and alas, I have a sick child with 101 to 103.3 temperatures. Ugh. I was hoping for a sick free summer, but I guess that's not in the plans. Poor Jake, fever, coughing, a little bit of vomiting, sore throat, ear aches, stomach aches, you name it. Pray for his comfort and fast healing please!!

The rest of us are holding steady, hoping we don't get it!!

ON a better note, Corbin has been standing and taking one step here and there. Last month when I noticed he was wanting to walk, I wondered if he would be actually walking for his birthday, and now I know he will. This is so fun!!!! Seeing him do it when no one is asking him to and lots of times when no one is even looking is really cool because he is doing it because HE wants to.

Well, havent' run since last thursday since we were out of town Friday and Saturday, church and visit to the in-laws on Sunday, not much sleep since then. So, off for an easy run, then another day laying low at home tending to my sick Jake and enjoying all my children.

May your day be filled with joy, peace, and happniess and so much of God's goodness!!

Lisa :)

Thursday, July 21, 2005


OH MY GOSH!! If you can't tell I am sooooo super excited!! My little one, walked!!!! Well, okay he took one unassisted no holding on step, but it qualifies in my book!!!! i can't believe it!

He has been showing signs of readiness for a while now, perfecting his skills. It has actually been a few days since I started writing this, and he has taken one and three stepps since, although we have been travelling a lot over the last two days so he hasn't had much chance to work on it.

My little boy is so much fun!! He is trying to talk, says a few words, trying to work on his walking, eats practically everything you put in front of him, still loves to nurse (yeay!), loves to cuddle and play.

We are getting geared up for his first birthday. It is so special. I dont' know if I feel even more so this time because it's my last "first" birthday with my children or if I'm just in a place in life where I can recognize the depth and importance of it. Either way, it moves me greatly to be blessed with such a wonderful family.

Thank you Lord, for getting me connected, and continuing to work on keeping me connected and focused. I continue to pray for Your guidance in my life, that I may know how I am to best serve You. Thank you for the beauty of my children, of which I am always in awe. To you my friends and family, may you too find the purpose and passion of your life that God has carefully carved out just for you. May you feel His presence on a daily and moment to moment basis and pass that on to those around you. THank you for being in my life and helping shape who I am and share the joy of living.

God's love and mine to you always,
Lisa :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hello again

Hello all, I am proud to say that I figured out how to post the pictures. Now our digital camera won't work!!! I had some really cute moments today too. I was watching my nephews, 6 and 2 years old. The kids were playing dress up and were just adorable. At least I got it onregular film. Hope we can ge tthe digital working soon!

Today was my Sister in Law's birthday. My brother's wife. We have known each other for almost 8 years but only this past year, maybe even past 6 months have we gotten to really know each other and become friends. It means the world to me to have her in my life. She is a great person and wonderful influence. She is right with the Lord, a good friend, great sense of humor, beautiful, loving, giving, caring, gentle parent, great listener. I could go on and on! I really love her and like her and feel so blessed to be her friend. I was also honored to have her children in my care for a good portion of the day. it was neat to see the little people they are becoming. When you mix her kids with mine, they all get rambunctious so it was a very energy filled day. What better energy to be surrounded with than that of a child (okay, make that five!)? Happy birthday Christi, may you feel the power and love of the Lord's presence on this special day of your birth.

Tonight I am looking into the eyes of my littlest one, wondering what goes on in that head of his. He has been a huge challenge from day one and I keep praying that I am doing right by him (as I do with all my kids and relationships). Corbin is full of energy, curiosity, spunk, determination, will, perserverance. He has the cutest smile with his four teeth. It jsut melts my heart. In one month, he will be turning one. Wow, it is so hard to believe we have come this far already. It has really gone fast. I look forward to making his big cake and watching him dig into it making a huge mess!!

I'm worn out from a fun filled day so I am off to retire. Looking forward to adding more soon and please know that you are all in my prayers and thoughts often!!

Love and peace,
Lisa :)

Okay, I have never done pictures on the internet before, so figuring out how to do this is great!

Here are the older boys doing what they love, working with tools on an engine!! They had two projects this summer, working on the "green car" to prepare to sell it, and rebulding a golf cart engine. I lost three boys for countless hours to these projects (one of which was NOT Corbin~LOL!) but returned to me were three very dirty and very happy boys!!

This is part of the damage a permanent marker can do! Luckily it comes off the body, not so much on the wall, carpet, table and chairs.

I love this picture!! This was May of 2003 while I was pregnant with Corbin and enjoying my other two boys at the race track. I felt great and loved being pregnant. It was so much fun to be at the race track and share that with the boys. We didnt' end up staying too long as it was too loud for Kyle's ears. Funny how most of the noises he makes sound louder than and Indy car when inside the house~LOL!!

This is a picture of Corbin shortly after he was born (look at those skinny legs!). The boys are waiting beside e right now to see themselves on the computer so I'll have to do more later!

God's love and mine to you, make it a glorious day by reflecting in his love for you!!!

Lisa :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

A quiet time here

Well, good morning to you!

It's Friday morning and all are alseep in my house, even Ben who will be up shortly for work. Corbin, 9 months, was up a little earlier than his normal 5AM at 4:30am today to nurse and I thought it a good time to get some quiet computer time and be able to get on the treadmill.

Yesterday was another glorious day. I thank the good Lord for blessing us over and over. Kyle (5) has been doing wonders with his reading lessons. He finished lesson 39 yesterday and is really reading. It has been such a great transition to see him start learning the sounds of three letters, to sounding out words, to reading sentences. I am so proud of all his hard work. There are times I wonder if he is dislexic, and I know how difficult it is for him to sit still. So he has really battled with these things to be able to learn this. He has also been very good at working to be kind to others and helpful to Jake (3ys).

We went to the store yesterday to buy a birthday present for my nephew, Connor who is turning 6. Kyle said "Connor bought me some really neat books for my birthday so I want to buy him a neat book!". When we got to the store, KYle wanted to push the cart, which I thought was great. He did a much better job this time and didnt' run into anyone else (came close a few times though) and only ran inot the back of me once. :) We went directly to the book section, the boys never even asked to go to the toy section, and they immdiately grabbed several books and started to devour them. Jake was so into this Spiderman book that makes sounds (ugh!) that he spent several weeks of allowance to buy it. He was so cute! Kyle also picked out a book that he wanted for himself with his birthday money. Neither could take time to find a book for some one else! :) We had to go home immdiately to read their books! I LOVE that they love to read. IT really is a great time for us to read together.

We ended up at the pool yesterday in the 92 degree heat. The pool has an area with lots of steering wheels and levers that control many areas of water flows, from pipes etc. The boys had soooo much fun!! Jake seemed to be at a different level than last year. He was more sure of himself and got comletly wet from head to toe which is almost unheard of! He wanted me to take him down this slide, in that same area. I had Corbin so I couldnt do it and was really bummed. I love when my boys want me to do something with them. He didnt' let that deter him. He had never done this slide before, it is higher, longer than the toddler slide and enclosed. He went on his own!! He shot right out of there and was so proud of himeslef, he ended up going two more times!!

They did great in staying with me too, I only had to remind them a few times and they listened quite well. When we got home they were little motors in telling Daddy all the great things that they did. It was so cool to watch them. Corbin walked in the water, he played in it. He wanted to be crawling around the bench that we had our stuff on more than anything. It made me a nervous wreck only because of the cement. He does great but every now and then still falls and I was terrified that he would fall on that hard cement.

Okay, so I'm up at 4:30am to write some. HEre comes Ben, up for work, a minute later here comes Jake at 5:30AM! I can't get up any earlier, ha ha! Well, off I go to do some running before Corbin gets up at least.

I am so grateful for my family and my friends. I have wonderful people in mylife that support me and love me, quirks and all. Thank you Lord for another glorious day with my family. SHow me patience, and love towards all.

Lisa :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Good Morning!!


I didn't get on the computer last night due to Ben researching golf cart parts. That's a story for another time. I have to tell you that my kids were amazing yesterday. This is what I pictured parenting to be all the time. And while it hasn't been this way every day, it certainly has made me appreciate it when it comes. Both boys seemed to really listen and really be connected. It was great. I explained to them before we left that Mommy was going to be the Lead mommy today and that meant that they needed to follow the rules and let mommy talk to the mommy's because that was my job today. I only reminded them a few times and they got it!! I also told them we weren't allowed to have snacks there and asked them to have a snack before we left. They both declined, eager to get to the meeting but sure enough upon arriving, Jake was "starving". I reminded him two times about what we talked about before leaving and he understood and was okay!

Kyle did amazing on his reading lesson, he seemed to really be "getting" it. That was exciting. On a van drive, Jake said he saw a whole bunch of tumble weeds. In the nicest way, Kyle started explaining to Jake that those were hay rolls because "they are smooth on the tops and sides". It was so neat that he was so kind to Jake and that he used those words to describe it!

Upon arriving home from my La Leche League meeting, I found a bible study book in my mailbox from my dear friend Debra. I have met her through La Leche League and think that she is amazing. I was to attend this bible study with her church, but found out that we needed to pay for childcare in addition to buying the book. (Our church's child care is free so I never thought to ask). I would not have signed up if I had known this ahead of time simply because we don't have that kind of money right now. Ben is uncomfortable with outside childcare, understandably, and to add a cost onto it for people he doesnt' know, wouldn't go. Debra told me that there were people in the church who wanted to pay for people like me, but I just didnt' feel comfortable doing that after the fact. Anyway, she couldnt' stay at the LLL meeting due to poor Jocylen (her 2-almost 3 year old) feeling ill, but snuck to my mail box ( a mile down the road from the meeting) to gift me this study book. I was brought to tears from her note and generosity. My immediate thought was to return it as I didnt' want this to come out of HER pocket either, but she addressed that in the note as well! Wow, I am so blessed with amazing people in my life. Thank you Deb for being an amazing part of my life. I love you woman!

The boys are playing with the humidifier so I must go intervine! :) I hope your day yesterday was made to be a wonderful one, it sure was here. I was able to be in the moment with my children and really enjoyed it. I believe we should strive to do this every day, shouldn't we? Make sure to thank the good Lord for his blesssings, even if you are in part of life right now where you may not feel blessed. Believe me, He is there and so are His blessings, just look aroung!!!

Love to you all and hope to talk to you all soon,
Lisa :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Good Morning!!

Here we are, another bearutiful day! My 9month old, Corbin, awoke at what is becoming his normal time, 5am, he usually nurses and goes back to sleep, but today, was fussing so we got up. Shortly after Corbin started nursing, my three year old Jake turned to me and said "Mommy, my motor is starting up! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz". He then was sleeping, well he talks like that IN his sleep. It is most funny. :) The three of us up again before 6AM. Well, onto my morning run, both boys are literally climbing on me and Jake's mouth "motor" hasn't stopped runnign since he stepped out of bed, so not much writing taking place this morning.

I hope that you make the most of today, enjoy all the small moments that normally pass you by. Take them in, make them part of you, be IN the moment. It may sound simple, but the chaos of life can make it so hard to do. Be in the moment. REALLY kiss your kids, smell their hair, their skin, look deep into their eyes. Listen intently to their stories. If your little ones are grown, call some one who needs to hear from you and just listen to them, even if you've heard it before, really hear them. When walking into the store from your car or into work, smell the air, look into the sky, smile hello at some one you don't know and at people you do know. LIVE your life and get the most out of it by putting the most into it. Don't just function, LIVE.

My love and God's wisdom to you all,
Lisa :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

good night!

well, time for me to say good night. I didnt' get to a lot of the things I wanted and needed to today, but have to say that's okay. IF the good Lord blesses me with another day, then those things will still be there. I had a lot of great time with my kiddos, after a lot of whining over reading lessons. I'd have to say that I'd pick good times with my kiddos over the other things hands down.

One of my high lights was when I got home from the grocery store, Jake called out from bed, "MOM? Is that you?" in a happy voice. When I answered him, he asked me to com lay with him. I told him I'd be in after putting some groceries up. He patiently waited for me. You shouldf have seen his face when I went in there about 5 minutes later!! He smiled from ear to ear and quickly scooted over to make room for me. He said "I'm SO glad you're here!!!" It was so cute. I was still nursing Corbin to sleep so Jake said with a big smile "I'll have the top num!" as he tucked his warm little hand on my top breast. He gave me three kisses on my arm and forehead and told me he loved me. Life can be so sweet.

Life is short, live it well!!
Lord's blessings to you all,
Lisa :)

Good Morning!!

Hello everyone!

I have not done this "blogging" before, but it sounds pretty cool, soI thought I'd give it a whirl. I hope to get some of my thoughts down on "paper" as it is easier for me to be on the computer and faster for me anyway than to find some paper and pen here without some one grabbing it from my hand. And we all know that there is a lot going on in this brain of mine!! He he !

Well, just as I sit to start this, one of my dear children has woke up asking where dad is. We go through this ritual almost every morning for the past couple of weeks. He wakes up to ask where Daddy is. I explain that he is at work. Jake then does a little pretend crying/whining saying that he is sad he didnt' get to spend any time with him. I assure him that he will get to do that tonight and we can call Daddy at work at any time. He then is okay and we start our day. The other way he starts his day is by rolling over to me and says "it's good morning mom" with a big hug. That's one of my favorites!! :)

Well, he is here asking me lots of questions so I can't think straight (don't even go there! ha ha!). He is asking me to help him tell time on our learning clock so I must jump on this opportunity and return to you all soon.

Thanks for your blessing in my life,
Lisa :)