Saturday, June 24, 2006


I ran a 5K race this AM (3.1 miles) and placed first in my division!! It means I got a cool lookin' medal. Second and third got ribbons, still cool. First overal woman and man got trophies, though!! Something to work for next year!! I got a PR, not sure of the official time, but around 22:28 or so. I ran into Jim AGAIN! He lives within 5 miles of me, and ended up running this race. he's the guy I kept running into at the bigger races leading up to the mini marathon. I'm happy with my time (even not knowing exactly what it is yet) and happy with my first place / division. I would love to see the overall results, and not sure how/when that happens.

My shirt looks funny at the bottom because I have my car keys tucked into the top of my shorts, and sorry about the blurry medal. :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ending the day with Ice Cream!!

Hot weather fun!

You can see the water hitting Kyle on his head by his forehead, and running off the tip of his nose. He is soaked head to toe, both he and Jake were, and were lovin' it! Truely a happy moment! Not a "smile for the camera" but a happy moment caught on film!
Seeing Jake through the water spray.
Corbin trying to play it safe in here.
Love this close up of Jake catching water. He is soaked, and it's running off his chin.

So it's been really hot here, around 90 degrees most days of late. If it's in the high 80's it's been humid. All of those are okay by us, it means we get to play outside and in the water!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What do breastfeeding, styrofome, and feathers have in common?

Oh you should ask! Last night as I was nursing Corbin, he sat up in his bed, fixed his covers, and found a feather. A bright yellow, happy feather. He went back to nursing and began to tickle me with the feather. It was so adorable. He had a smile creeping at the edges of his mouth!

A few weeks ago, Corbin was nursing, then he stopped and said "yucky". I was baffled as to what he was talking about. What was yucky?? He then put his tongue out and little pieces of styrofome were on it! Of course that was yucky! I wiped off the white pieces, and he moved his tongue around to bring out more white pieces, then a third time, more! Finally all was clear and back to nursing he went. I have no idea how that happened!

Funny little guy!


The boys first day of Vacation Bible School was last night. While laying with Jake at bedtime, he asked if he could tell me about what went on at church at VBS. I said "sure!" I love that he was offering information. He told me that God made everything, from food to trees, to you and me. I think it is so awesome that he wanted to share that with me, that he is excited to learn that information.

Friday, June 16, 2006

T-ball for Jake

Jake is the one with the tan baseball cap, white shirt, and tan shorts, black glove.

The tan cap was transferred to Kyle. Kyle asked Corbin if he wanted to come play in the field, then offered his hand. Corbin took his hand and the two walked off like that. Too cute!

Jake has wanted to play baseball since January, at least that's when he started talking about it. Now he has started playing, and oh, is he lovin' it!! He is so darn cute too! Ben got a couple of real cute pictures last night. Between trying to watch Corbin and Kyle run around, and cheer on Jake, there aren't many. None from me, the camera hog, if that tells you how busy it is, but all fun!

View from the Treadmill

This was my view from the trusty ol' TM the other morning. Great motivation!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

6 year old's dreams.....

Okay, it's been a rough day here, Kyle and Jake have just been out of control and at each other a lot. So we were supposed to go to the park, but with this behavior we needed to stay home. Ben worked late, so the boys and I were sitting down at the dinner table eating and talking. Kyle says "Mom, I'm really tired because I didn't sleep well last night. I kept having really bad dreams." So, of course that prompted me to ask about his dreams. Here it is:

"I dreamt that we were captured and put in this tiny cell, this big (shows a small square with his fingers). We were chained to the ground so we couldn't even walk. This guy had the key in his hand, so I had to bite off his hand to get the key so we could get out."!!! We do not let them watch scary stuff like that!! I dont' know how his little mind got that up? Poor guy, that is an awful dream!!

Wishing my little man sweet dreams tonight, peaceful sleep!

cross stitch completed!

I received this gift of a cross stitch kit from my grandmother about two Christmas's ago. I finally got around to getting it out and making it complete. It's actually a cross stitch that you make , then place under a clear trivet (hot plate), then put a cork backing on. It turned out pretty neat and I remembered how fun cross stitch is!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Meeting the girlfriend

We had an amazing day with our son Tad and his girlfriend. He has really got his life in order and seems very happy, we are so proud of him and happy for him! He joined us at church on Sunday with his girlfriend, Whitney, then we went out to lunch, and they came over to spend the afternoon at our house with us. Thanks for spending the day with us! We love you!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dare I say that Corbin has been sleeping through the night all week?? In his own bed??? (minus two nights at the campground) That he has been going to sleep some times on his own, some times with some one layng with him??

Here are pictures of

jake and corbin asleep in their beds with the room painted. Color turned out great!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Camping trip

Ben has been wanting to go camping for a while now, so he scheduled this trip for this week. We went to Brown County, Indiana, which is about an hour drive south of here. We ended up really ahving a good time and good weather. Lots of exercise! We rode our bikes 5 miles one day, even Jake on his training wheels (with help from mom and dad). Corbin on the back of Ben's bike, and Kyle did wonderful all on his own.

On that bike ride we passed the poop recycle plant of the campground. The gate was open, and I knew better than to go in, but Kyle and I did go up to the gate to get a closer look. You know boys love to talk poop! :) Well it turns out that the guy who runs the recycling, is super nice. He came up to the gate to talk to us and answered our questions happily. He told us that there were too many ways for the boys to get hurt in there so he couldn't let us come in (we had not asked). After some more questions, he asked if we still wanted to come in! He gave us our own private tour of the place, and the boys were excellent about holding my hand the whole time and not touching anything. He explained the entire process to us and showed us all the cool machines. Who knew that poop could be so interesting?? He really was a super guy, been at this job for 17 years and working at the park for 19 years. WOW! He must love his poop! ha ha

We also got to sit in a snake class and learn all about skaes and even touch some! It was super cool, although I forgot my camera.