Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Toy shopping

Hello! Sorry it has been a while since I've been able to post. My grandmother is staying with us this week and next and so we have been extra busy. We moved our house around to be able to best accomodate everyone, and the bottom half of the house, our living room, playroom, is now dedicated to her room/bedroom. We moved one of the bed out of our room and now have the computer there, so not much time on the computer these days. Had to sneek on here tonight (two kids sleeping in here) to post about my dear Kyle.

When Nana visits, she used to come twice a year (now is wanting to move here permanantly) she took her greatgrandbabies toy shopping. They all look forward to it, even her. IT is fun to go shopping and watch the kids try out all the toys and decide what they want.

We went to Meijer this time because I also had to do some grocery shopping. So we walk into the store, pick a cart and Kyle comes up to me with this African Violet in his hand. Beautiful little plant. He tells me that this is what he wants. I ask him where he wants to put it and he tells me that he wants a plant in his room on his bunk bed. This is his special place, the only place int he house where things are just his. (he shares a room with his brothers) I thought this to be so cute, never would have thought of this, so of course had to get it for him (thanks Nana!). HE immediately wanted to put it in "it's" place when we arrived home and had to show me the care card to make sure we were taking care of it the proper way so it wouldn't die. He makes sure it gets its direct sunlight and has moist dirt. VERY CUTE!! And must say it is a pretty little plant!!

VIsit with Nana has been very nice. She has been helpful and more accepting. I thank the dear Lord for these sweet moments with my family!!

Off the computer to prepare for another day. My evening was spent with my sister in law, Christi taking a hair cutting class at my church. It was a fun time! Thanks Christi for giving me a ride and sharing the fun with me! We always have a good time together!!

Hugs all around! Hope you are living in the moment!

God's grace upon you,
Lisa :)

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Kristin said...

So sweet and grown-up of Kyle to want something of his own to care for! :) I love African Violets. :)