Thursday, July 21, 2005


OH MY GOSH!! If you can't tell I am sooooo super excited!! My little one, walked!!!! Well, okay he took one unassisted no holding on step, but it qualifies in my book!!!! i can't believe it!

He has been showing signs of readiness for a while now, perfecting his skills. It has actually been a few days since I started writing this, and he has taken one and three stepps since, although we have been travelling a lot over the last two days so he hasn't had much chance to work on it.

My little boy is so much fun!! He is trying to talk, says a few words, trying to work on his walking, eats practically everything you put in front of him, still loves to nurse (yeay!), loves to cuddle and play.

We are getting geared up for his first birthday. It is so special. I dont' know if I feel even more so this time because it's my last "first" birthday with my children or if I'm just in a place in life where I can recognize the depth and importance of it. Either way, it moves me greatly to be blessed with such a wonderful family.

Thank you Lord, for getting me connected, and continuing to work on keeping me connected and focused. I continue to pray for Your guidance in my life, that I may know how I am to best serve You. Thank you for the beauty of my children, of which I am always in awe. To you my friends and family, may you too find the purpose and passion of your life that God has carefully carved out just for you. May you feel His presence on a daily and moment to moment basis and pass that on to those around you. THank you for being in my life and helping shape who I am and share the joy of living.

God's love and mine to you always,
Lisa :)

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