Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Okay, I have never done pictures on the internet before, so figuring out how to do this is great!

Here are the older boys doing what they love, working with tools on an engine!! They had two projects this summer, working on the "green car" to prepare to sell it, and rebulding a golf cart engine. I lost three boys for countless hours to these projects (one of which was NOT Corbin~LOL!) but returned to me were three very dirty and very happy boys!!

This is part of the damage a permanent marker can do! Luckily it comes off the body, not so much on the wall, carpet, table and chairs.

I love this picture!! This was May of 2003 while I was pregnant with Corbin and enjoying my other two boys at the race track. I felt great and loved being pregnant. It was so much fun to be at the race track and share that with the boys. We didnt' end up staying too long as it was too loud for Kyle's ears. Funny how most of the noises he makes sound louder than and Indy car when inside the house~LOL!!

This is a picture of Corbin shortly after he was born (look at those skinny legs!). The boys are waiting beside e right now to see themselves on the computer so I'll have to do more later!

God's love and mine to you, make it a glorious day by reflecting in his love for you!!!

Lisa :)

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