Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kyle awards!

Kyle has made huge improvements in the last few weeks and months in school and life in general. He has come a long way! Yesterday was huge for him, we are so proud and he is on cloud nine!

He got an award in Music class "Superstar Student" (see sticker on his shirt). This is a class that he has had trouble with before.

He got the principal's "Citizen of the Month" award, with the award in his hand and a new book. His name will also be in the weekly newsletter announcing this award.

His self confidence and overall happiness has skyrocketed lately, and yesterday he was just beaming from ear to ear (and so were/are we!).

We love you Kyle and always have known what a beautiful person you are!! It's nice to see others start recognizing that too.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Meet "Cheeto"

Okay, we may have had cheetos 2 or 3 times, really. So I don't think that it has any relation to the food. Jake just comes up with these really off the wall and fun names. He named two pirate figures he had "Artro" and "Pyro" for example.

So, the other day, he starts carrying around this cabbage patch kid I got as a kid. He named him Cheeto. He has been caring for him for about a week now. He tucks him in bed with him and we must acknowledge Cheeto and kiss him good night too.

So, one morning, Corbin wakes up before Jake and brings Cheeto downstairs with him. He shares some breakfast with him. Beside Cheeto is "Bucky", named by Corbin.

I came downstairs one night to find this. Corbin wrapped up in my yoga matt, telling me that he is exercising!! Too funny!

I love my boys!

Friday, November 10, 2006

My two year old, turned two in August. He is so halarious!! The other night he went to bed in my bed. He said good night and was happily tucked in. I went up later to check on him. I found that he had gotten out of bed, opened the fridge, poured a cup of milk (chocolate soymilk), and found some McDonald's (yah, I know, but I've been really sick this week) cinamon roll left over. He must have gotten pretty satisfied to fall asleep like this. (notice the little spill in my bed) but where oh, where, is the milk container??

So, I looked into the fridge, and did not find the milk container. Found it UNDER the covers keeping Corbin company.

and here is the face of a happy self serve customer!! Milk mustach and all!!

He is one smart little cookie!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pumpkins anyone??

This is what happens to pumpkin seeds when you don't have a working oven. Your husband saves them in a bowl, with some water (why?) and "walah!" pumpkin plan sprouts! Then you plant them in a pot with your kids so you can watch them grow. It is fun to see how much they change just from day to day. What are we going to do with indoor pumpkin plants though????

Baby Sweater

Just finished (well, just need to add the buttons) this cute pink baby sweater. I was worried about the color changes and how it would all end up, but I am pleased with it. Need to sew three buttons then shipping it off to the mama to be (for the third time). :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bathtime fun

I am married!!

Okay, as some of you know, I became allergic to my wedding and engagement rings after the birth of Corbin. I dont' know what happened. The kick in the rear was when I went into my jewelry box to retrieve the rings (soldered together) and they were missing. I have no idea what happened to them, that was many months ago.

So, my dear husband found these great, simple rings for us and surprised me on Halloween night. It is great to have a wedding band again, and I have worn it for two days no and no allergic reaction!! YAY!!

Thank you honey, I really love you!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

I finally got a new charger for the camera, thanks to my wonderful husband stopping on the way home from work! Here are our trick or treaters!

After rounding the neighborhood.

Looking at their stash!

Wanting to hand out candy when we got home. He was so cute sitting with that big bowl deciding what to give the trick or treaters.

Looking for more kids to come get candy at our house, comfy in jammies.

I totally love Halloween. I love the excitment of the children. I love watching them run from house to house and say "trick or treat" in their little voices. I love seeing them excitedly checking out what they got at some of the houses and oohing over their loot at home. I love to see them excited to put on a new costume and become something else for a night.

I hope you enjoyed the night as much!!

Lisa :)