Monday, August 15, 2005

Corn on the cob

Here is Jake (with too much flash) from dinner last night.

Here is Corbin, loving the corn on the cob!! I tried taking Kyle's picture, but he was very tired and didn't want it taken.

Sweater I crocheted

This is a sweater I crocheted for a gift for our neighbors/friends. They just had their first baby, a little girl after a very tough pregnancy and birth. All are doing well now. I just wanted a picture of this cute sweater.

Congratulations to Michelle and Ephraim on baby Isabella!!! I don't have pictures of her as I didnt' want to take our camera and start snapping on my first visit when she is less than a week old!! I'll tell you though, she is adorable!!


Here he is, the big man himself on his first day of Kindergarten!!!! He's got his backpack on and ready to go in the new shirt he picked out the other day.

He did great and came home with a card that said he had a good day and he liked the legos. He also received a stamp on his hand for good behavior! After 10 stamps, he gets a prize. I'm so glad he had a good first day!!

I could tell over the lsat several days when we would talkabout school that he was getting a little apprehensive about it. I talked to him this mornign about how we can have a range of feelings for something new. We can be excited, scared, worried, etc. All of those feelings ar normal and okay to have. I told him that if he got scared at class to take a deep breath and remembet that God is always with him and that Mommy and Daddy love him no matter what. Also that he could always ask his teacher for help and that we can talk about what ever goes on when he comes home from school.

When he was telling me about his day, he said he got scared becasue there were so many kids (27-full class). He then said that when he got scared he just thought of me and he was okay!!! Oh melt my heart!!!

It was soooo difficult to drop him off jsut becasue my little man is growing up, I am so proud of him and happy for him and this is a big change. I cried after becasue I didnt' want to scare h im. Jake asked me if I ws sad when we got home. I told him, that yes, I was a little sad because this is a big change to be without KYle but that I was so proud of how he is growing up and happy for him to have this experience. Jake then said that he would pray for me so that I didnt' have to feel sad!!! Oh my little man taking care of me!!!

We then went' to the mall to celebrate Kyle's successful first day by getting a pretzle and eating it by the water fountain. (This is what Jake and Kyle wanted to do)We then threw in pennies and got huge gumballs.

Love to you all,
Lisa :)

Hug your children tight

This is heavy on my heart and I feel the need to share this with you. Yesterday, I opened an email that gave me the link to find where registered child offenders live. I had been avoiding this as I just don't want to believe they are near us, and would love to believe that they don't exist. I finally decided that the best way to protect my children from these horrible people would be to know about them. I opened the website and found 137 offenders within the 5 mile radius of our house, one of which is a neighbor right behind us. HOW SCARY! It makes me want to scoop my children up and move to a deserted island!! Please check out the website and be alert!

We then watched a two hour special of extreme home makeover. It was about a fmamily who lost one of their children to a kidnapping 10 years agao. the mom still looks for her child and other missing chidlren and holds out hope that her daughter will come home. Her daughter was 50 feet from her and within her sight when the kidnapping happend. I was really struggling after looking into the webiste and then watching that show. Please keep your children close! I know that people think I am nuts for not letting my kids play in the back yard unsupervised~ and I wish they lived in a world where that was safe to do, or that I need to have them in my sight at all times especially in public places. I also know that I can't protect them from every harm, as much as we would all like to do so. Hold your children tight, pray for them, live in the moment with them, enjoy them!!!

God's light shine upon you,
Lisa :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

What a day!! :)

Boy what a busy and emotional day today! This morning Ben and I took Kyle to meet his Kindergarten teacher and her assistant. SNIFF!! I couldn't believe how hard it was for me. Dont' get me wrong, I am very excited for him and think this will be great for all of us, but it is a passage of time. My little boy, in!! Everything went fine, the teacher said he did great (and was able to sit still!!). Only a few more days and it's here!!!

Off to the Children's Museum as a family, although Grandmother couldnt' go as she still isn't feeling quite right. Ben had to write a report on some art work and getting that done by viewing it at the CM was the way to go. The boys were all excited and revved up!!

When we got home, BigBen, Sandy and her sister AUnt Sharon came over to visit, help decorate, and share a meal with us. Sorry I forgot to take pictures as I was just enjoying the company!! Thanks for coming over, we love you!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the wonderful things life has to give us like we did!!

Lisa :)

Here Jake is trying on some clothes and then some wooden shoes being made there today by a shoemaker.

Here Corbin is playing inthe mulch and the boys take a truck ride. Caretaking older brother is holding onto Corbin withouth being asked.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Day in the life of our family

This morning my Grandmother was spending quality time with the boys as I put groceries away (big help to me and they LOVED IT!). I am not sure that Grandmother had much room to move around but hey, they will have these memories forever.

Here Corbin joined in with the other boys and Grandmother in reading. I dont' know what he found so funny, but he looks great!! :)

At the dinner table tonight, Kyle was wearing his sunglasses on his head and he just looked so darn cute I had to get his picture. He even gave me a "normal" smile to top off his "cuteness"!!

This picture of Jake is actually from the other day but it was a cute smile so I threw it in!

Here is Corbin eating his apple and loving it! Please excuse the dinner on his tray!

Hope you enjoyed a memory making day too!!

Lisa :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Okay, I am so excited!! Corbin has been taking one and three steps since the first time I posted almost daily. Today he took five steps across the room and while I was out learning to cut hair, he took..............NINE!!! In a few days I bet he is fully walking!!! I can't believe my little guy is getting so good so fast!!! He is soooo cute! Little frankenstien steps!!! Oh how sweet these moments are, eat them up!!!
Bursting proud Mama!! :)

Toy shopping

Hello! Sorry it has been a while since I've been able to post. My grandmother is staying with us this week and next and so we have been extra busy. We moved our house around to be able to best accomodate everyone, and the bottom half of the house, our living room, playroom, is now dedicated to her room/bedroom. We moved one of the bed out of our room and now have the computer there, so not much time on the computer these days. Had to sneek on here tonight (two kids sleeping in here) to post about my dear Kyle.

When Nana visits, she used to come twice a year (now is wanting to move here permanantly) she took her greatgrandbabies toy shopping. They all look forward to it, even her. IT is fun to go shopping and watch the kids try out all the toys and decide what they want.

We went to Meijer this time because I also had to do some grocery shopping. So we walk into the store, pick a cart and Kyle comes up to me with this African Violet in his hand. Beautiful little plant. He tells me that this is what he wants. I ask him where he wants to put it and he tells me that he wants a plant in his room on his bunk bed. This is his special place, the only place int he house where things are just his. (he shares a room with his brothers) I thought this to be so cute, never would have thought of this, so of course had to get it for him (thanks Nana!). HE immediately wanted to put it in "it's" place when we arrived home and had to show me the care card to make sure we were taking care of it the proper way so it wouldn't die. He makes sure it gets its direct sunlight and has moist dirt. VERY CUTE!! And must say it is a pretty little plant!!

VIsit with Nana has been very nice. She has been helpful and more accepting. I thank the dear Lord for these sweet moments with my family!!

Off the computer to prepare for another day. My evening was spent with my sister in law, Christi taking a hair cutting class at my church. It was a fun time! Thanks Christi for giving me a ride and sharing the fun with me! We always have a good time together!!

Hugs all around! Hope you are living in the moment!

God's grace upon you,
Lisa :)