Friday, June 10, 2005

A quiet time here

Well, good morning to you!

It's Friday morning and all are alseep in my house, even Ben who will be up shortly for work. Corbin, 9 months, was up a little earlier than his normal 5AM at 4:30am today to nurse and I thought it a good time to get some quiet computer time and be able to get on the treadmill.

Yesterday was another glorious day. I thank the good Lord for blessing us over and over. Kyle (5) has been doing wonders with his reading lessons. He finished lesson 39 yesterday and is really reading. It has been such a great transition to see him start learning the sounds of three letters, to sounding out words, to reading sentences. I am so proud of all his hard work. There are times I wonder if he is dislexic, and I know how difficult it is for him to sit still. So he has really battled with these things to be able to learn this. He has also been very good at working to be kind to others and helpful to Jake (3ys).

We went to the store yesterday to buy a birthday present for my nephew, Connor who is turning 6. Kyle said "Connor bought me some really neat books for my birthday so I want to buy him a neat book!". When we got to the store, KYle wanted to push the cart, which I thought was great. He did a much better job this time and didnt' run into anyone else (came close a few times though) and only ran inot the back of me once. :) We went directly to the book section, the boys never even asked to go to the toy section, and they immdiately grabbed several books and started to devour them. Jake was so into this Spiderman book that makes sounds (ugh!) that he spent several weeks of allowance to buy it. He was so cute! Kyle also picked out a book that he wanted for himself with his birthday money. Neither could take time to find a book for some one else! :) We had to go home immdiately to read their books! I LOVE that they love to read. IT really is a great time for us to read together.

We ended up at the pool yesterday in the 92 degree heat. The pool has an area with lots of steering wheels and levers that control many areas of water flows, from pipes etc. The boys had soooo much fun!! Jake seemed to be at a different level than last year. He was more sure of himself and got comletly wet from head to toe which is almost unheard of! He wanted me to take him down this slide, in that same area. I had Corbin so I couldnt do it and was really bummed. I love when my boys want me to do something with them. He didnt' let that deter him. He had never done this slide before, it is higher, longer than the toddler slide and enclosed. He went on his own!! He shot right out of there and was so proud of himeslef, he ended up going two more times!!

They did great in staying with me too, I only had to remind them a few times and they listened quite well. When we got home they were little motors in telling Daddy all the great things that they did. It was so cool to watch them. Corbin walked in the water, he played in it. He wanted to be crawling around the bench that we had our stuff on more than anything. It made me a nervous wreck only because of the cement. He does great but every now and then still falls and I was terrified that he would fall on that hard cement.

Okay, so I'm up at 4:30am to write some. HEre comes Ben, up for work, a minute later here comes Jake at 5:30AM! I can't get up any earlier, ha ha! Well, off I go to do some running before Corbin gets up at least.

I am so grateful for my family and my friends. I have wonderful people in mylife that support me and love me, quirks and all. Thank you Lord for another glorious day with my family. SHow me patience, and love towards all.

Lisa :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Good Morning!!


I didn't get on the computer last night due to Ben researching golf cart parts. That's a story for another time. I have to tell you that my kids were amazing yesterday. This is what I pictured parenting to be all the time. And while it hasn't been this way every day, it certainly has made me appreciate it when it comes. Both boys seemed to really listen and really be connected. It was great. I explained to them before we left that Mommy was going to be the Lead mommy today and that meant that they needed to follow the rules and let mommy talk to the mommy's because that was my job today. I only reminded them a few times and they got it!! I also told them we weren't allowed to have snacks there and asked them to have a snack before we left. They both declined, eager to get to the meeting but sure enough upon arriving, Jake was "starving". I reminded him two times about what we talked about before leaving and he understood and was okay!

Kyle did amazing on his reading lesson, he seemed to really be "getting" it. That was exciting. On a van drive, Jake said he saw a whole bunch of tumble weeds. In the nicest way, Kyle started explaining to Jake that those were hay rolls because "they are smooth on the tops and sides". It was so neat that he was so kind to Jake and that he used those words to describe it!

Upon arriving home from my La Leche League meeting, I found a bible study book in my mailbox from my dear friend Debra. I have met her through La Leche League and think that she is amazing. I was to attend this bible study with her church, but found out that we needed to pay for childcare in addition to buying the book. (Our church's child care is free so I never thought to ask). I would not have signed up if I had known this ahead of time simply because we don't have that kind of money right now. Ben is uncomfortable with outside childcare, understandably, and to add a cost onto it for people he doesnt' know, wouldn't go. Debra told me that there were people in the church who wanted to pay for people like me, but I just didnt' feel comfortable doing that after the fact. Anyway, she couldnt' stay at the LLL meeting due to poor Jocylen (her 2-almost 3 year old) feeling ill, but snuck to my mail box ( a mile down the road from the meeting) to gift me this study book. I was brought to tears from her note and generosity. My immediate thought was to return it as I didnt' want this to come out of HER pocket either, but she addressed that in the note as well! Wow, I am so blessed with amazing people in my life. Thank you Deb for being an amazing part of my life. I love you woman!

The boys are playing with the humidifier so I must go intervine! :) I hope your day yesterday was made to be a wonderful one, it sure was here. I was able to be in the moment with my children and really enjoyed it. I believe we should strive to do this every day, shouldn't we? Make sure to thank the good Lord for his blesssings, even if you are in part of life right now where you may not feel blessed. Believe me, He is there and so are His blessings, just look aroung!!!

Love to you all and hope to talk to you all soon,
Lisa :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Good Morning!!

Here we are, another bearutiful day! My 9month old, Corbin, awoke at what is becoming his normal time, 5am, he usually nurses and goes back to sleep, but today, was fussing so we got up. Shortly after Corbin started nursing, my three year old Jake turned to me and said "Mommy, my motor is starting up! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz". He then was sleeping, well he talks like that IN his sleep. It is most funny. :) The three of us up again before 6AM. Well, onto my morning run, both boys are literally climbing on me and Jake's mouth "motor" hasn't stopped runnign since he stepped out of bed, so not much writing taking place this morning.

I hope that you make the most of today, enjoy all the small moments that normally pass you by. Take them in, make them part of you, be IN the moment. It may sound simple, but the chaos of life can make it so hard to do. Be in the moment. REALLY kiss your kids, smell their hair, their skin, look deep into their eyes. Listen intently to their stories. If your little ones are grown, call some one who needs to hear from you and just listen to them, even if you've heard it before, really hear them. When walking into the store from your car or into work, smell the air, look into the sky, smile hello at some one you don't know and at people you do know. LIVE your life and get the most out of it by putting the most into it. Don't just function, LIVE.

My love and God's wisdom to you all,
Lisa :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

good night!

well, time for me to say good night. I didnt' get to a lot of the things I wanted and needed to today, but have to say that's okay. IF the good Lord blesses me with another day, then those things will still be there. I had a lot of great time with my kiddos, after a lot of whining over reading lessons. I'd have to say that I'd pick good times with my kiddos over the other things hands down.

One of my high lights was when I got home from the grocery store, Jake called out from bed, "MOM? Is that you?" in a happy voice. When I answered him, he asked me to com lay with him. I told him I'd be in after putting some groceries up. He patiently waited for me. You shouldf have seen his face when I went in there about 5 minutes later!! He smiled from ear to ear and quickly scooted over to make room for me. He said "I'm SO glad you're here!!!" It was so cute. I was still nursing Corbin to sleep so Jake said with a big smile "I'll have the top num!" as he tucked his warm little hand on my top breast. He gave me three kisses on my arm and forehead and told me he loved me. Life can be so sweet.

Life is short, live it well!!
Lord's blessings to you all,
Lisa :)

Good Morning!!

Hello everyone!

I have not done this "blogging" before, but it sounds pretty cool, soI thought I'd give it a whirl. I hope to get some of my thoughts down on "paper" as it is easier for me to be on the computer and faster for me anyway than to find some paper and pen here without some one grabbing it from my hand. And we all know that there is a lot going on in this brain of mine!! He he !

Well, just as I sit to start this, one of my dear children has woke up asking where dad is. We go through this ritual almost every morning for the past couple of weeks. He wakes up to ask where Daddy is. I explain that he is at work. Jake then does a little pretend crying/whining saying that he is sad he didnt' get to spend any time with him. I assure him that he will get to do that tonight and we can call Daddy at work at any time. He then is okay and we start our day. The other way he starts his day is by rolling over to me and says "it's good morning mom" with a big hug. That's one of my favorites!! :)

Well, he is here asking me lots of questions so I can't think straight (don't even go there! ha ha!). He is asking me to help him tell time on our learning clock so I must jump on this opportunity and return to you all soon.

Thanks for your blessing in my life,
Lisa :)