Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kyle's finger

Okay, one week after the incident, we are at the surgeon's office to get Kyle's finger checked. If you haven't heard, his finder was shut in a door at school last Thursday. A trip to the ER ended with a trip to the OR for emergency surgery to place a pin for a broken bone, and sew the end of his finger back on. Here is what it looks like put back together and a week later. His finger nail is just placed back over stitches for extra protection, it came off completely. I think it is just held on there with dried blood right now.

He is amazing. Only cried when it happened. He really has not been complaining. Even during the ER wait of 6 hours, 2 of which without any pain meds (they numbed his finger). He lets me know it hurts or is bothering him, but not in a complaining way. It's now all wrapped up and in a partial cast for a few more weeks. The pin and stitches will come out in three weeks, and he might get a smaller cast then.

You can see the pin sticking out of the top of his finger.

It's hard to tell, but the stitches go almost all the way around his finger under where the nail is laying.

Here he is all wrapped up. My poor baby!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sick boys

One last post, then I gotta get a move on my day.

Pray for my boys. Kyle has been having sinus trouble for months now, and goes to the ENT next week. Poor kid has been dealing with this so long.

Jake has had a cough since his bought with Croup after Christmas, which is how Kyle's asthma started. He's been on breathing treatments for a few weeks now and it's helping. I guess that means he will be dianosed with Asthma too. Poor kid.

Corbin woke up yesterday feeling yucky. He's had a fever of 102.4 and feeling lousy. At least he ate some today. Trying to keep him drinking too. We were up almost every hour last night but he is holding his own, he is a little trouper. Just wish I could help him, poor kid.

Ben has also had a cough for a long time. What is going on here?

So, pray for these boys, they need help with health. It's difficult for someone to be sick, and difficult to watch a loved one be sick. I know it could be a lot worse, and I thank God that it's not. God will be what gets us through this.

Hug your loved ones tight!! Off to do that right now!

Lisa :)

knitting fun

Okay, I finished the wet bag, and it was my first attempt at knit stripes. I had fun learning the new technique and creating something useful. I have one wet bag made of pul (gave the other one to a friend who didnt' have one). It's nice to have two, one for laundry and one in use, so I made one. It was easy, fast, fun, and functional.

Here it is flat.

Here it is with two diapers inside and plenty of room to spare for more. I can't decide, keep it or gift it??? I'm probably not going to have one in diapers very long....
The item I am currently working on and having fun with is a pair of longies for a friends baby. I gave her a couple pair of crochet shorts soakers and a pair of crochet longies that I had made, but she won't be able to use them until her little one gets bigger. So I decided to try a small size knit pair. Learning to knit the longies is fun, learned short rows so far, and more to come.
Aren't these colors delicious??

big snow storm

We got blasted with snow and freezing rain in the last two weeks. It's been fun! The kids love to get out and play in the snow and Ben and I got good exercise shoveling out the driveway. Snow just seems so magical, so beautiful. Yeah, there is a lot of mess that goes with it too, but I like to concintrate on the fun parts.

The measurement is taken before the second wave hit, it's a 16" ruler.

See how Kyle is helping shovel the drive and walk way, what a trouper!!!