Friday, September 29, 2006

15 Year High School Reunion

My friend Laura, and her very nice husband. She admitted that everyone hated me in 5th grade because I was the new kid.

My best friend, Melissa, and her boyfriend (also very nice). So great to see her!

My dear friend Sheri, and her very nice husband. So good to see her and know that she is doing well!

My dear friend Chrissy, although now goes by Chris. Very happy in life, achieved the life long dream of becoming a therapist. Married, with two beautiful girls, and happy.

I missed taking some other pictures, mostly because I didnt' want to disrupt everyone visiting to get a picture, and some beause I was talking too much and enjoying the moment!

David and Jamie Smith and their wonderful family were able to squeeze a couple of hours with us. We really enjoyed the time together!!

Rick, a dad of the kids I babysat for eons ago (some are graduated from college!), was able to meet us for breakfast. Thank you so much for that time!! His wife Leslie, just lost her dad that same week, and was therefor unable to meet us. Our prayers go out to your family.

Yup, hard to believe it's been that long now. I missed the 10 year, and so glad to have made this one. It was wonderful to see everyone. It really filled my heart. I think about people from class from time to time and so amazing to see them in person again and give them a huge hug.

I also got to see my mom's new tombstone. It's difficult to believe that she has been gone four years now. Dad designed the tombstone himself, and really did an absolute amazing job.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you and miss you so darn much it hurts. I am happy with what you left me in my heart, as it continues to grow and make me a better person and so much of who I am. You would have been 64 this year, passing a month before your 60th birthday.

Dad did a wonderful job, I am sure you are filled with joy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Attention Deficite Hyperactivity Disorder. We received that diagnosis yesterday at the pediatricians office. I had wondered and feared it for about two years now. Now we have an answer. I certainly didnt' want this for Kyle. As a parent, you never want your kids to feel any pain or have any troubles. You know they will have some, and you even know they need some to grow as individuals. You certainly cannot protect them from life, as much as you may want to at times.

I have seen how Kyle struggles. I have felt how I struggle to connect to him. I see the turmoil in his little body to try to sit still and try to do what is right. I see the emotion in his eyes when people turn away from him due to things he cannot control. It hurts him, it is hard for him, and now we have a way to help him.

ADHD is on eof hte most comon health conditions seen in school-age children. In the United States, the prevalence of ADHD is between 8% and 10%, which means that in every classroom there are likely to be 2 or 3 children with ADHD.

No one knows exactly what causes ADHD, however ADHD is thought to be caused by a disorder in brain chemistry. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that allow brain cells to communicate with each other. when one or more of these chemicals is in short supply or is not working correctly, a child may exhibit symptoms of ADHD. ~ exerpts taken from "Starting Today".

Please, pray for my dear Kyle. I love him so much. Pray that we are able to help him with this as soon as possible. Pray that he finds the peace he has so desperatly been searching for.

In God, all things are possible.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


First, thank you so much to everyone for your support and prayers. They truely helped me to be patient through this whole proceedure. I was able to not run for about three weeks, which normally would have been very difficult for me. I also was able to wait for test results, without freaking out. Thank you so much for your help in this!!

I got a little nervous getting ready to go to the doctor yesterday. I started to wonder why, as I had been feeling fine about everything, no matter what the results were. Then I realized that this was the turning point. I would have an answer either way. It dawned on me then, that it had been easier for me to be in limbo!

So, the sports medicine doctor walks through the door with his hand out to shake mine. I shake his hand and say hello, how are you? and he said "I'm so happy when I'm wrong!" So I ask if he meant I didnt' have a stress fracture, and that's exactly what he meant. He then showes me the slides of my MRI since I was interested seeing them. He doesn't see any arthritis, or osteoperosis which are both good. He tells me that the reason that I am having pain in the sacro-iliac joint (I included this link to show what the s-i joint is. Look for the line that the arrow is pointing to.) is that the two sides of my pelvis are moving in different directions causing friction. One symptom is the pain and pinching in the S-I joint, and the other shown on the MRI is bone spurs on the front of my hip bones (my pubic bone). Great, now I have to worry about bone spurs too, yikes!

He tells me that the good news is that this is something they can help me fix........BUT it won't be easy. So he wants me to take physical therapy for a month and come back. What that means is that I saw the p.t. that same day (thank goodness) and I do the exercises on my own, then I go back to the p.t. in three weeks. I'm allowed to run to my pain tolerance. Both the doctor and the physical therapist want me to continue the yoga and pilates, as well as start cross training on a bike or stair stepper. So I'm doing physical therapy exercises twice a day now, and the doctor was right, they arent' easy, but they are doable. They just take some concintration and effort. I have felt pain in the front now, but hope that means the muscles are getting to where they need to be and stablizing the hips.

So that's the outcome so far. Thanks again for asking about me and praying for me!!

Lisa :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Corbin helping

Getting ready for Corbin's birthday party, I wanted to wash the chairs. We were hoping for an outside event. Corbin thought it looked like fun so he wanted to help.

another spider-ick!

Okay I dont' like spiders, but here is another picture worthy one. It's sooooooooo nasty!! Look at it's flat, white head, and it's front legs. Looks like the front two sets are together until near the end where they seperate. NASTY!

Jake's eye

New rule in our house, don't stand on toys that have wheels. You may end up with your face on the coffee table. Ouch! It actually looks worse in person than in the pictures.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

inspire, achieve!

I love this quote from the October Runner's World from Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong's coach and now Dean Karnazes coach: "Nobody does anything great who doesn't also take great risk. Athletics is all about inspiration. What people are able to achieve in doing the unachievable is inspiring."