Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hello again

Hello all, I am proud to say that I figured out how to post the pictures. Now our digital camera won't work!!! I had some really cute moments today too. I was watching my nephews, 6 and 2 years old. The kids were playing dress up and were just adorable. At least I got it onregular film. Hope we can ge tthe digital working soon!

Today was my Sister in Law's birthday. My brother's wife. We have known each other for almost 8 years but only this past year, maybe even past 6 months have we gotten to really know each other and become friends. It means the world to me to have her in my life. She is a great person and wonderful influence. She is right with the Lord, a good friend, great sense of humor, beautiful, loving, giving, caring, gentle parent, great listener. I could go on and on! I really love her and like her and feel so blessed to be her friend. I was also honored to have her children in my care for a good portion of the day. it was neat to see the little people they are becoming. When you mix her kids with mine, they all get rambunctious so it was a very energy filled day. What better energy to be surrounded with than that of a child (okay, make that five!)? Happy birthday Christi, may you feel the power and love of the Lord's presence on this special day of your birth.

Tonight I am looking into the eyes of my littlest one, wondering what goes on in that head of his. He has been a huge challenge from day one and I keep praying that I am doing right by him (as I do with all my kids and relationships). Corbin is full of energy, curiosity, spunk, determination, will, perserverance. He has the cutest smile with his four teeth. It jsut melts my heart. In one month, he will be turning one. Wow, it is so hard to believe we have come this far already. It has really gone fast. I look forward to making his big cake and watching him dig into it making a huge mess!!

I'm worn out from a fun filled day so I am off to retire. Looking forward to adding more soon and please know that you are all in my prayers and thoughts often!!

Love and peace,
Lisa :)

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