Sunday, August 06, 2006

longer than ever

Okay, you all know I love to run. I started using a marathon training plan to increase my mileage in preperation for decreasing my times for the half marathon. I'm also seriously contemplating the Chicago Marathon in October of 2007. I wanted to do the training plan without the pressure of completing the marathon to see if I could even do this kind of mileage (if my body would hold up) and if I had the time to commit to it. The trainign plan has been challenging and fun. Today was my longest run to date. I completed 15 miles and felt good doing it. I didn't have pain or stiffness (during or after), I didnt' feel like I was dragging in the end, I just ran. I didnt' have to think about quitting during the run, nor did I feel the need to stop to walk (although I had to several times due to gps issues, which was maddening).

So, this Sunday, I'm scheduled to run 17 miles. Only two more miles, but boy does that sound intimidating. I may ask Ben to bring me supplies on the run and just to come check on me. It gets a little weird being out there for 2 1/2 hours or three hours running by myself. I've been wistled at from cars, had motorcycle stop after passing me and watch me run, I've been beeped at, I've been almost run over, I've been approached by dogs, I passed the same police car 5 times last week(and I wasnt' running a loop), I've ditched drinks in peoples yards (by road signs), I've been stared down from guys in cars/trucks. Some of these things make me a little nervous.

Which brings me to why I love running on the treadmill so much (TM).

  • It's a consistent temperature.
  • There is always a steady breeze (from my fan).
  • I dont' have to worry about traffic not yielding to me.
  • I dont' have to worry about holes/cracks/rocks/poison ivy.
  • I remain at a steady pace.
  • I can pee/get drink/fix what ever any time I need to.
  • I dont' feel the need to "rush" home to tend to the kids and relieve Ben.
  • I can run in the dark and feel safe.
  • I don't have to worry about which route to take.
  • I dont' have to worry about my gps batteries or losing signal (losing track of miles).
  • I can wear what ever running clothes I want.
  • I don't have to carry anything.
  • I can watch my favorite shows that I don't have time to watch at night.
  • I don' t have to feel guilty asking Ben to watch the kids because he is so busy.
  • No bugs.

So, I do love to run outdoors, and it's good to keep my legs trained to run outside for races, my TM is a trusty friend.

Run on friends!

Lisa :)

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