Friday, August 11, 2006

Baby blanket

(sorry about all the clutter in the background of the first picture) I found a new pattern at the request of my mother in law a couple of months ago. I thought I shoudl try it out for a few crochet stitches to make sure I understood it before teaching anyone else. My mother in law, Sandy, and her sister Aunt Sharon, were wanting to learn a zig zag afgan pattern. So I picked one of the many free ones that I found online, and started it. I found that it was so easy, fun and pretty that I should just go ahead and make the entire blanket. The size with the yarn that I had turned out perfect for a baby blanket. Although the picture can't do the texture justice, it really is super soft yarn (something to buy again in the future). So I am actually ahead of the game of baby gifts. I am not down to the wire like I am every other time, which is good, since I have 4 friends having babies and more talking about it, in addition to what I need to get started for Christmas!!

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