Monday, August 14, 2006

First day of First Grade *sniff*

It looks like Kyle has a white spot on his shirt, but it's just the camera.

Kyle walking up to his friend.

Kyle and his friend walking into school.

I'm happy for Kyle, I really am. I know things will be fine. It's just hard for me to say good bye to my little boy. He is such a cutie. I do worry about his high energy, but just keep praying that things will work out okay. He was happy and upbeat today. He got up on his own and dressed on his own. He seemed in a good mood (usually it takes him a while to wake up). We pulled in line to drop him off at the school, and my anxiety kicked in. We ended up being right behind his good friend from Kindergarten, Austin, who is also in his first grade class. He was thrilled to see his friend and to walk in with him. Although, my wonderful little man still remembered (without being asked) to give me a kiss and tell me good bye. * sniff*

I thought about him at 11am eating lunch. I thought about sitting in the parking lot at 11:30 to see him get outside for recess but decided to restrain myself. I'm really excited to pick him up at 3:40pm and hear about his first day. I love you Kyle!!

(Jake was really having a rough morning so he chose not to get his picture taken with Kyle.)

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