Thursday, August 31, 2006


okay, did the MRI today. went fine. I did psych myself out a little here and there. Overall it went well though. I'm waiting results, the hard part. After about 20 minutes of testing, the tech tells me that he is going to "show these to the doctor and be back". Does he take me out of the machine?? nope. why does he need to leave right now to show the doctor?? weird. so he comes back and tells me that there is one more test to do and it will be 4 minutes. I can handle 4 more minutes. Then I start to think, why one more after showing the others to the doctor?? Does this mean they didn't find anything but want to do one more angle to make sure? does this mean they did find something and want to see how bad?? the assistant at the office yesterday said that depending on the results the doctor may call me before my appt on Wednesay. Does that mean he'll call to tell me to run or to get cruches, or not call at all??? ahhhh! Please keep me in your prayers, thank you!


loree said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and love to you.

Lisa :) said...

thank you!