Thursday, August 31, 2006

possible stress fracture??

so, I went to the doctor today, he is concerned that I have a stress fracture in my sacrum, where the sacro-iliac joint is bothering me. I actually had been having minimal pain and had run saturday and yesterday with little to no pain. BUT when he pushed on that spot, YEEEEOOOOOWWW! It is still hurting me right now several hours later! so after a lot of poking me and pushing on me and stretching me around, he said, "you are right, it is definitly coming from your S-I joint". that felt great to have that confirmation! He also told me that I am really flexible which is good, too keep at the yoga. It sounded like I have some muscle imbalance that could be what is causing the pain in my left leg. The longer your run is the more that gets worse. he told me that the resistance training, stretching/yoga, massage, I'm doing are all great to help fix that. so he sends me for x-rays of the S-I joint which are normal and no signs of arthritis. another good thing.

Then he lays it on the line for me. "HEre are your options, you can keep running, and doing all the other things you are doing, and see if the pain goes away. then you could be fine. You can see physical therapy to help with a more structured plan for what you are already doing. You could have an MRI to rule out a fracture or find out that you have one. In that case I couldnt' let you run until it heals, which could be 3 months." so, I'm mullng over the choices. I asked if I had to take any dye for the MRI, since I'm still breastfeeding. He tells me no, but that since I am extendedly breastfeeding that puts me at a higher risk to have this stress fracture. If I keep running and I DO have one, my hip could break and I could be in surgery and no runnign for a long time.

So he tells me that I have several factors that make me a higher risk to have the stress fracture,

extended breastfeeding
high mileage
He proceeds to tell me that if I were his wife,, that he would give me an MRI. So, I can afford to take 3 months off right now. I may not reach my time goal in May, but at least I have a good chance o fstill running that race. I CAN"T afford to take time off after December. I decide to schedule the MRI. ugh. I'm nervous about it. He said that if it's not too bad (if I have a fracture) that I might be able to do non-impact aeorobic activity (like that eliptical) in a month. If it's real bad, I would be on cruches.

sooooooooo, I must get off of here to go schedule the MRI, and get some final answers.

the other "great news" is that my cell phone broke. not covered under warrenty, no insurance, and not due for an upgrade until March. yup, lookin' at $100 bucks or so. it's what we use for long distance calling, emergencies when away from home, what I use on my long runs (when I can do those again) and for Kyle's school to contact me in case of an emergency.

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