Monday, June 06, 2005

good night!

well, time for me to say good night. I didnt' get to a lot of the things I wanted and needed to today, but have to say that's okay. IF the good Lord blesses me with another day, then those things will still be there. I had a lot of great time with my kiddos, after a lot of whining over reading lessons. I'd have to say that I'd pick good times with my kiddos over the other things hands down.

One of my high lights was when I got home from the grocery store, Jake called out from bed, "MOM? Is that you?" in a happy voice. When I answered him, he asked me to com lay with him. I told him I'd be in after putting some groceries up. He patiently waited for me. You shouldf have seen his face when I went in there about 5 minutes later!! He smiled from ear to ear and quickly scooted over to make room for me. He said "I'm SO glad you're here!!!" It was so cute. I was still nursing Corbin to sleep so Jake said with a big smile "I'll have the top num!" as he tucked his warm little hand on my top breast. He gave me three kisses on my arm and forehead and told me he loved me. Life can be so sweet.

Life is short, live it well!!
Lord's blessings to you all,
Lisa :)

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