Friday, June 10, 2005

A quiet time here

Well, good morning to you!

It's Friday morning and all are alseep in my house, even Ben who will be up shortly for work. Corbin, 9 months, was up a little earlier than his normal 5AM at 4:30am today to nurse and I thought it a good time to get some quiet computer time and be able to get on the treadmill.

Yesterday was another glorious day. I thank the good Lord for blessing us over and over. Kyle (5) has been doing wonders with his reading lessons. He finished lesson 39 yesterday and is really reading. It has been such a great transition to see him start learning the sounds of three letters, to sounding out words, to reading sentences. I am so proud of all his hard work. There are times I wonder if he is dislexic, and I know how difficult it is for him to sit still. So he has really battled with these things to be able to learn this. He has also been very good at working to be kind to others and helpful to Jake (3ys).

We went to the store yesterday to buy a birthday present for my nephew, Connor who is turning 6. Kyle said "Connor bought me some really neat books for my birthday so I want to buy him a neat book!". When we got to the store, KYle wanted to push the cart, which I thought was great. He did a much better job this time and didnt' run into anyone else (came close a few times though) and only ran inot the back of me once. :) We went directly to the book section, the boys never even asked to go to the toy section, and they immdiately grabbed several books and started to devour them. Jake was so into this Spiderman book that makes sounds (ugh!) that he spent several weeks of allowance to buy it. He was so cute! Kyle also picked out a book that he wanted for himself with his birthday money. Neither could take time to find a book for some one else! :) We had to go home immdiately to read their books! I LOVE that they love to read. IT really is a great time for us to read together.

We ended up at the pool yesterday in the 92 degree heat. The pool has an area with lots of steering wheels and levers that control many areas of water flows, from pipes etc. The boys had soooo much fun!! Jake seemed to be at a different level than last year. He was more sure of himself and got comletly wet from head to toe which is almost unheard of! He wanted me to take him down this slide, in that same area. I had Corbin so I couldnt do it and was really bummed. I love when my boys want me to do something with them. He didnt' let that deter him. He had never done this slide before, it is higher, longer than the toddler slide and enclosed. He went on his own!! He shot right out of there and was so proud of himeslef, he ended up going two more times!!

They did great in staying with me too, I only had to remind them a few times and they listened quite well. When we got home they were little motors in telling Daddy all the great things that they did. It was so cool to watch them. Corbin walked in the water, he played in it. He wanted to be crawling around the bench that we had our stuff on more than anything. It made me a nervous wreck only because of the cement. He does great but every now and then still falls and I was terrified that he would fall on that hard cement.

Okay, so I'm up at 4:30am to write some. HEre comes Ben, up for work, a minute later here comes Jake at 5:30AM! I can't get up any earlier, ha ha! Well, off I go to do some running before Corbin gets up at least.

I am so grateful for my family and my friends. I have wonderful people in mylife that support me and love me, quirks and all. Thank you Lord for another glorious day with my family. SHow me patience, and love towards all.

Lisa :)

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