Thursday, June 09, 2005

Good Morning!!


I didn't get on the computer last night due to Ben researching golf cart parts. That's a story for another time. I have to tell you that my kids were amazing yesterday. This is what I pictured parenting to be all the time. And while it hasn't been this way every day, it certainly has made me appreciate it when it comes. Both boys seemed to really listen and really be connected. It was great. I explained to them before we left that Mommy was going to be the Lead mommy today and that meant that they needed to follow the rules and let mommy talk to the mommy's because that was my job today. I only reminded them a few times and they got it!! I also told them we weren't allowed to have snacks there and asked them to have a snack before we left. They both declined, eager to get to the meeting but sure enough upon arriving, Jake was "starving". I reminded him two times about what we talked about before leaving and he understood and was okay!

Kyle did amazing on his reading lesson, he seemed to really be "getting" it. That was exciting. On a van drive, Jake said he saw a whole bunch of tumble weeds. In the nicest way, Kyle started explaining to Jake that those were hay rolls because "they are smooth on the tops and sides". It was so neat that he was so kind to Jake and that he used those words to describe it!

Upon arriving home from my La Leche League meeting, I found a bible study book in my mailbox from my dear friend Debra. I have met her through La Leche League and think that she is amazing. I was to attend this bible study with her church, but found out that we needed to pay for childcare in addition to buying the book. (Our church's child care is free so I never thought to ask). I would not have signed up if I had known this ahead of time simply because we don't have that kind of money right now. Ben is uncomfortable with outside childcare, understandably, and to add a cost onto it for people he doesnt' know, wouldn't go. Debra told me that there were people in the church who wanted to pay for people like me, but I just didnt' feel comfortable doing that after the fact. Anyway, she couldnt' stay at the LLL meeting due to poor Jocylen (her 2-almost 3 year old) feeling ill, but snuck to my mail box ( a mile down the road from the meeting) to gift me this study book. I was brought to tears from her note and generosity. My immediate thought was to return it as I didnt' want this to come out of HER pocket either, but she addressed that in the note as well! Wow, I am so blessed with amazing people in my life. Thank you Deb for being an amazing part of my life. I love you woman!

The boys are playing with the humidifier so I must go intervine! :) I hope your day yesterday was made to be a wonderful one, it sure was here. I was able to be in the moment with my children and really enjoyed it. I believe we should strive to do this every day, shouldn't we? Make sure to thank the good Lord for his blesssings, even if you are in part of life right now where you may not feel blessed. Believe me, He is there and so are His blessings, just look aroung!!!

Love to you all and hope to talk to you all soon,
Lisa :)

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