Wednesday, June 14, 2006

6 year old's dreams.....

Okay, it's been a rough day here, Kyle and Jake have just been out of control and at each other a lot. So we were supposed to go to the park, but with this behavior we needed to stay home. Ben worked late, so the boys and I were sitting down at the dinner table eating and talking. Kyle says "Mom, I'm really tired because I didn't sleep well last night. I kept having really bad dreams." So, of course that prompted me to ask about his dreams. Here it is:

"I dreamt that we were captured and put in this tiny cell, this big (shows a small square with his fingers). We were chained to the ground so we couldn't even walk. This guy had the key in his hand, so I had to bite off his hand to get the key so we could get out."!!! We do not let them watch scary stuff like that!! I dont' know how his little mind got that up? Poor guy, that is an awful dream!!

Wishing my little man sweet dreams tonight, peaceful sleep!

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