Saturday, June 24, 2006


I ran a 5K race this AM (3.1 miles) and placed first in my division!! It means I got a cool lookin' medal. Second and third got ribbons, still cool. First overal woman and man got trophies, though!! Something to work for next year!! I got a PR, not sure of the official time, but around 22:28 or so. I ran into Jim AGAIN! He lives within 5 miles of me, and ended up running this race. he's the guy I kept running into at the bigger races leading up to the mini marathon. I'm happy with my time (even not knowing exactly what it is yet) and happy with my first place / division. I would love to see the overall results, and not sure how/when that happens.

My shirt looks funny at the bottom because I have my car keys tucked into the top of my shorts, and sorry about the blurry medal. :)

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