Thursday, June 08, 2006

Camping trip

Ben has been wanting to go camping for a while now, so he scheduled this trip for this week. We went to Brown County, Indiana, which is about an hour drive south of here. We ended up really ahving a good time and good weather. Lots of exercise! We rode our bikes 5 miles one day, even Jake on his training wheels (with help from mom and dad). Corbin on the back of Ben's bike, and Kyle did wonderful all on his own.

On that bike ride we passed the poop recycle plant of the campground. The gate was open, and I knew better than to go in, but Kyle and I did go up to the gate to get a closer look. You know boys love to talk poop! :) Well it turns out that the guy who runs the recycling, is super nice. He came up to the gate to talk to us and answered our questions happily. He told us that there were too many ways for the boys to get hurt in there so he couldn't let us come in (we had not asked). After some more questions, he asked if we still wanted to come in! He gave us our own private tour of the place, and the boys were excellent about holding my hand the whole time and not touching anything. He explained the entire process to us and showed us all the cool machines. Who knew that poop could be so interesting?? He really was a super guy, been at this job for 17 years and working at the park for 19 years. WOW! He must love his poop! ha ha

We also got to sit in a snake class and learn all about skaes and even touch some! It was super cool, although I forgot my camera.

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