Saturday, January 13, 2007

knitting again

Okay, I'm back on the knitting wagon again. I love crochet, and still want to do that. I like being able to learn something new and do different things with knitting. I think it's also easier on my wrist (carpal tunnel sneaks up on me).

Here's a hat I knit in the round and learned to knit with two sets of circular needles. Yup, four needles going at once, how fun! Thanks to my friend CherylAnn for giving me the cool spiral pattern!!

I must say thank you to wonderful dh for picking out such a delightful yarn for my stocking! He gives great presents!!

here is a pot holder I did. I wanted to get back into knitting and wanted to use yarn and needles that I currently had to see if it was something I wanted to try to pursue again. (the only other thing I had knit was a ribbed scarf with button hole on one end to poke the other end through instead of tying it). The pot holder idea is a basket weave pattern, which I found to be really pretty.

I didnt' cast on well, so, I dont' think I'll sew any material on the back to finish it. But it's neat to look at!

Hope you're having fun with your projects, what ever they may be!

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