Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kyle awards!

Kyle has made huge improvements in the last few weeks and months in school and life in general. He has come a long way! Yesterday was huge for him, we are so proud and he is on cloud nine!

He got an award in Music class "Superstar Student" (see sticker on his shirt). This is a class that he has had trouble with before.

He got the principal's "Citizen of the Month" award, with the award in his hand and a new book. His name will also be in the weekly newsletter announcing this award.

His self confidence and overall happiness has skyrocketed lately, and yesterday he was just beaming from ear to ear (and so were/are we!).

We love you Kyle and always have known what a beautiful person you are!! It's nice to see others start recognizing that too.

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kristin said...

Way to go!!! You are such a terrific kid, we are so happy for you for getting these awards! :) Keep up the fantastic work, little man! You have worked so hard! And give your mama a huge hug for helping you to be the best you can be! :D