Saturday, January 13, 2007


Christmas this year was really great. We all had a really good time, and stayed in our jammies all day long. The day flew by as we just enjoyed our new things and each other. What a great treat! We sang happy birthday to dear Jesus, the reason for our celebration. We ate birthday cup cakes in honor of Him and thanked Him throughout our day.

The day after Christmas, I took Corbin to the doctor as his cold felt like it moved into his chest. He had bronchitis. That night, Jake woke up with a croup attack and the usual methods of getting the kids to breath did not work (night time air, steam from the shower) so at 2Am I rushed him to the ER for breathing tx and steriods. The medicine helped him a great deal, and also made him very hyper. We never got back to sleep (meaning two hours of sleep for me that night). I was just grateful that he was okay, my baby.
Hope you felt the magic of the Lord's blessings on you during Christmas!!

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