Friday, November 10, 2006

My two year old, turned two in August. He is so halarious!! The other night he went to bed in my bed. He said good night and was happily tucked in. I went up later to check on him. I found that he had gotten out of bed, opened the fridge, poured a cup of milk (chocolate soymilk), and found some McDonald's (yah, I know, but I've been really sick this week) cinamon roll left over. He must have gotten pretty satisfied to fall asleep like this. (notice the little spill in my bed) but where oh, where, is the milk container??

So, I looked into the fridge, and did not find the milk container. Found it UNDER the covers keeping Corbin company.

and here is the face of a happy self serve customer!! Milk mustach and all!!

He is one smart little cookie!


Elizabeth said...

How cute! I can't help but laugh!! Hope you are feeling fully recovered soon!

Lisa :) said...

ha ha, he is too funny, eh? :) thanks for the well wishes, feeling much better!! thank you!!

kristin said...

What a cutie! :D