Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Meet "Cheeto"

Okay, we may have had cheetos 2 or 3 times, really. So I don't think that it has any relation to the food. Jake just comes up with these really off the wall and fun names. He named two pirate figures he had "Artro" and "Pyro" for example.

So, the other day, he starts carrying around this cabbage patch kid I got as a kid. He named him Cheeto. He has been caring for him for about a week now. He tucks him in bed with him and we must acknowledge Cheeto and kiss him good night too.

So, one morning, Corbin wakes up before Jake and brings Cheeto downstairs with him. He shares some breakfast with him. Beside Cheeto is "Bucky", named by Corbin.

I came downstairs one night to find this. Corbin wrapped up in my yoga matt, telling me that he is exercising!! Too funny!

I love my boys!

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