Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Attention Deficite Hyperactivity Disorder. We received that diagnosis yesterday at the pediatricians office. I had wondered and feared it for about two years now. Now we have an answer. I certainly didnt' want this for Kyle. As a parent, you never want your kids to feel any pain or have any troubles. You know they will have some, and you even know they need some to grow as individuals. You certainly cannot protect them from life, as much as you may want to at times.

I have seen how Kyle struggles. I have felt how I struggle to connect to him. I see the turmoil in his little body to try to sit still and try to do what is right. I see the emotion in his eyes when people turn away from him due to things he cannot control. It hurts him, it is hard for him, and now we have a way to help him.

ADHD is on eof hte most comon health conditions seen in school-age children. In the United States, the prevalence of ADHD is between 8% and 10%, which means that in every classroom there are likely to be 2 or 3 children with ADHD.

No one knows exactly what causes ADHD, however ADHD is thought to be caused by a disorder in brain chemistry. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that allow brain cells to communicate with each other. when one or more of these chemicals is in short supply or is not working correctly, a child may exhibit symptoms of ADHD. ~ exerpts taken from "Starting Today".

Please, pray for my dear Kyle. I love him so much. Pray that we are able to help him with this as soon as possible. Pray that he finds the peace he has so desperatly been searching for.

In God, all things are possible.


kristinpt said...

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Lisa and Kyle}}}}}}}}}}}} You know I understand your pain! When we first got the diagnosis for Ian, it was such a hard time! We were so happy it was something treatable, but didn't want for him to have to suffer with something his whole life. He has made leaps and bounds since then, and so will Kyle! Hang in there! He's so lucky to have you for his mama! :)

Lisa :) said...

Kristin, thank you so much for your thoughts and support! I know you understand how all encompassing this is and how much this affects everyone's lives. You are too sweet !! :)