Monday, July 24, 2006


okay, I try very hard not to live my life ruled by money. Try not to be lulled into thinking that everything wrong can be fixed by money. I try not to keep up with the "Jones's" as the saying goes. But sometimes I get bogged down by it.

I start thinking of all the things I would do for other people if we had the money. I would love to buy everyone a great birthday gift for them every year. I would love to give a gift certificate to a friend for a message or special spa treatment when they are going through a rough time.

I would love to move, not to a gigantic house (unless we won the lottery-ha!), but just to a different house with more land. I would love to have air conditioning that really works. I would love to fix our wall paper that is torn in places, and redecorate our bedroom (the only room in the whole house that hasnt' been touched).

so what got me thinking??? This is how we have to turn on our oven:

Yup, get Ben to take out the drawer, then he does some things underneath, and it runs for a little, then come back to do it again if your dinner needs some more cooking.

Oh yeah, one of the stove knobs fell off and INTO the oven, therefor is cooked beyond recognition (yeah, one of the few times the oven actually cooked something).

Okay, end of thought process, I AM gratefull for all that we DO have and how very lucky we really are. I am glad we have these nuances to keep me grateful for what we are blessed with, especially, each other.

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