Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kyle and Jake got tool boxes from Santa at Christmas. Corbin, being one, didn't ask for one (need one). Now that he is almost 2 and doing everything his brothers do, he wants a toolbox and tools that go in it.

So, he found this pumpkin himself in the garage, and made it into his toolbox, carrying it around like the other boys were doing yesterday. Kyle shared some of his tools to put in Corbin's tool box too. Way too cute.

The picture of Corbin between the vehicles, is of him watching two kids (teenagers) walking down the side walk. He was up in the yard, then ran down the yard, in between the vehicles to watch what they were doing. It was cute to see him so curious, and carrying his pumpkin/ toolbox. :)

Hope you also had a wonderful, adventure filled day, even in your own yard/house!!

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