Monday, April 23, 2007

Dumb A@@!!

Yup, I'm talking about me. I went out for my 10 mile run yesterday, outside. It was beautiful. I left a little after 9am, and took nothing to drink with me. It was in the 70's heatwise. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I started feeling it right at the half way mark. The first 5 miles felt great, and I was going to try for a negative split. Although, when I got thirsty, I knew that was a bad sign. I made it two more miles, looking for water, then called dh. I really don't like to call him and bother him, so to get to that point I was pretty darn desperate. He said he could come, and I told him maybe I could make it home without it because I felt so bad asking him to get all three kids in the van and bring me some gatorade. I really needed it though.

I made it another 2 miles, and called back. I was really struggling at this point. I was bummed that I could have run strong if I had just had something to drink. So, dh came, with the kids. By the time he got to me I had already run 9.6 miles of the 10 scheduled. I just got in the van and asked him to take me home.

I weighed myself and lost about 4 lbs. of fluid from not staying hydrated. dumb. dumb. dumb.

So, I learned my lesson. Even though I am at the point that 10 miles doesn't sound long, I need fluids if it is sunny and hot.

Have fun and be safe,
Lisa :)

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