Friday, February 16, 2007

Sick boys

One last post, then I gotta get a move on my day.

Pray for my boys. Kyle has been having sinus trouble for months now, and goes to the ENT next week. Poor kid has been dealing with this so long.

Jake has had a cough since his bought with Croup after Christmas, which is how Kyle's asthma started. He's been on breathing treatments for a few weeks now and it's helping. I guess that means he will be dianosed with Asthma too. Poor kid.

Corbin woke up yesterday feeling yucky. He's had a fever of 102.4 and feeling lousy. At least he ate some today. Trying to keep him drinking too. We were up almost every hour last night but he is holding his own, he is a little trouper. Just wish I could help him, poor kid.

Ben has also had a cough for a long time. What is going on here?

So, pray for these boys, they need help with health. It's difficult for someone to be sick, and difficult to watch a loved one be sick. I know it could be a lot worse, and I thank God that it's not. God will be what gets us through this.

Hug your loved ones tight!! Off to do that right now!

Lisa :)

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