Friday, February 16, 2007

knitting fun

Okay, I finished the wet bag, and it was my first attempt at knit stripes. I had fun learning the new technique and creating something useful. I have one wet bag made of pul (gave the other one to a friend who didnt' have one). It's nice to have two, one for laundry and one in use, so I made one. It was easy, fast, fun, and functional.

Here it is flat.

Here it is with two diapers inside and plenty of room to spare for more. I can't decide, keep it or gift it??? I'm probably not going to have one in diapers very long....
The item I am currently working on and having fun with is a pair of longies for a friends baby. I gave her a couple pair of crochet shorts soakers and a pair of crochet longies that I had made, but she won't be able to use them until her little one gets bigger. So I decided to try a small size knit pair. Learning to knit the longies is fun, learned short rows so far, and more to come.
Aren't these colors delicious??

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