Monday, March 12, 2007

Kyle's finger

continues to improve. As you see, he is in a small splint now, and totally relieved to have his arm, hand, and other fingers useable again. The smile on his face when we left the doctor's office was priceless.
He is supposed to get the pin and the stitches out on this Wednesday. I'm a little nervous about that due to the fact that the skin is growing around the pin, so I am sure it will be a little bit uncomfortable. As well as the fingernail has to be removed again to get the stitches out (as it was just layed on top to protect the stitches). Kyle is a little nervous about that (as I would be!).
It is looking great though, the finger tip is reattaching nicely. He'll also start therapy to get movement back into the finger, I know that will be tender too.

We were able to change the dressing as needed this week and that has been nice as well. Please keep praying for his healing. It has been going wonderful, thanks be to God!! God is good, all the time!!!
Lisa :)

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