Monday, August 15, 2005


Here he is, the big man himself on his first day of Kindergarten!!!! He's got his backpack on and ready to go in the new shirt he picked out the other day.

He did great and came home with a card that said he had a good day and he liked the legos. He also received a stamp on his hand for good behavior! After 10 stamps, he gets a prize. I'm so glad he had a good first day!!

I could tell over the lsat several days when we would talkabout school that he was getting a little apprehensive about it. I talked to him this mornign about how we can have a range of feelings for something new. We can be excited, scared, worried, etc. All of those feelings ar normal and okay to have. I told him that if he got scared at class to take a deep breath and remembet that God is always with him and that Mommy and Daddy love him no matter what. Also that he could always ask his teacher for help and that we can talk about what ever goes on when he comes home from school.

When he was telling me about his day, he said he got scared becasue there were so many kids (27-full class). He then said that when he got scared he just thought of me and he was okay!!! Oh melt my heart!!!

It was soooo difficult to drop him off jsut becasue my little man is growing up, I am so proud of him and happy for him and this is a big change. I cried after becasue I didnt' want to scare h im. Jake asked me if I ws sad when we got home. I told him, that yes, I was a little sad because this is a big change to be without KYle but that I was so proud of how he is growing up and happy for him to have this experience. Jake then said that he would pray for me so that I didnt' have to feel sad!!! Oh my little man taking care of me!!!

We then went' to the mall to celebrate Kyle's successful first day by getting a pretzle and eating it by the water fountain. (This is what Jake and Kyle wanted to do)We then threw in pennies and got huge gumballs.

Love to you all,
Lisa :)

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Kristin said...

SOOOOOO glad he enjoyed his first day! So sweet that he felt better after thinking of you! {{{{{Kyle}}}}} I remember when Ian went to Kindergarten! I thought I'd die after leaving him in the classroom! But he had a great year, and I know Kyle will, too! :)