Monday, August 15, 2005

Hug your children tight

This is heavy on my heart and I feel the need to share this with you. Yesterday, I opened an email that gave me the link to find where registered child offenders live. I had been avoiding this as I just don't want to believe they are near us, and would love to believe that they don't exist. I finally decided that the best way to protect my children from these horrible people would be to know about them. I opened the website and found 137 offenders within the 5 mile radius of our house, one of which is a neighbor right behind us. HOW SCARY! It makes me want to scoop my children up and move to a deserted island!! Please check out the website and be alert!

We then watched a two hour special of extreme home makeover. It was about a fmamily who lost one of their children to a kidnapping 10 years agao. the mom still looks for her child and other missing chidlren and holds out hope that her daughter will come home. Her daughter was 50 feet from her and within her sight when the kidnapping happend. I was really struggling after looking into the webiste and then watching that show. Please keep your children close! I know that people think I am nuts for not letting my kids play in the back yard unsupervised~ and I wish they lived in a world where that was safe to do, or that I need to have them in my sight at all times especially in public places. I also know that I can't protect them from every harm, as much as we would all like to do so. Hold your children tight, pray for them, live in the moment with them, enjoy them!!!

God's light shine upon you,
Lisa :)


Mari said...

And you :)
Thanks for the link.

Kristin said...

Wow, Lisa, thanks so much for posting that website! There are 182 within 5 miles of us and one is in OUR backyard!!! I had NO idea. That is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I also had a friend tell me about